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Round Three Nom List

As with our previous rounds, we are finally releasing the list of all the stories that were nominated for Round Three. This is list if filled with WOW!

Under the cut you will find over 300 fics, in alphabetical order, thanks to the fabulous mollyssister, who compiled and coded everything for us. Isn't she wonderful? As with every round, there were a few nominations for stories that were not eligible for this round -- I don't believe those were included in this listing.

Let us know if a link doesn't work! Happy Reading!

5 Things That Happened to Severus Snape After His Death by clannadlvr_fic

A Circular Path by bambu345
A Damsel in Need by duniazade
A First Time for Everything by zeegrindylows
A Fresh Start by dickgloucester
A Girls Got to Have a Hobby by bluestocking79
A Good Morning by keladry_lupin
A Howler by ginny_weasley31
A Minor Inconvenience by stormyskize
A Murder of Crows by hogwarts_91
A New Beginning by ms_figg
A Prince Family Recipe by jenwryn
A Proper Romance by Keryl Raist
A Rose in the Depth of Winter by junomagic
A Sweet for a Wish by septentrion1970
Across the Anvil by subversa
Age Difference by dickgloucester
Agoraphobia by silverdoe7127
All the Million Hours by wallyflower
Amnesty by acciobook7
An Afternoon in London by sc010f
An Ancient Rite by bambu345
An Unexamined Life by harmony_bites and zeegrindylows
An Unreasonable Man by lulabelle72
And Ye Shall Find by Ladymage Samiko
Anthem by emmeline33
Antidotes by writermerrin
Applesauce by camillo1978
Ars Apologia by bluestocking79
At All Costs by chilvalric
At Dawn (The Twilight Prevails) by evinyatar15
At Last by Ladymage Samiko
Auld Lang Syne by celisnebula

Backward in High Heels by bluestocking79
Becoming Whole by southernwitch69
Beheading a Hydra by Leraiv Snape
Being for the Benefit of Mr Kite by persephone_bound
Best Left to Cupid by Ashes Falling
Birthday Plans the Slytherin Way by kribu
Biting Back by a_bees_buzz
Bookends by livvy6 (WIP)
Bomerang by ubiquark
Bound by madamsnape
Breaching the Otherworld by southernwitch69 (WIP)
Breathing Love by anogete

Canvas & Parchment by camillo1978
Care of Magical Creatures by miamadwyn (WIP)
Careless by kribu
Caution & Passion by sephiaowl
Chaetophila by Your Worshipfulness
Changing the Epilogue by rayvyn2k
Climate Change by slyvanawood
Come With Me by chrmisha
Coming Back to You by Michmack
Constant Companion by bluestocking79
Consuming Me by shellsnapeluver (WIP)
Conversations by kingpig
Conversations Through an Empty Frame by redorchids
Counting Buttons by warded_portal
Crumbs for Severus by lariopefic
Cuckoo in the Nest: The Baby Dialogues by melusin_79
Cursed by pearle9240

Dangerous Liaisons by guilded_glamour
Dating a Heroine by elise_wanderer
Dazed Detachment by southerwitch69
De Profundis by zeegrindylows
Deadly Truth by ayerf
Death’s Dominion by mmadfan
Denial by little_beloved
Design for Afterliving by catherinecookmn
Destiny’s Secret by fervesco
Dinner Plans by a_bees_buzz
Doing Time With Hermione Granger by Kailin
Double Toil What Trouble by lifeasanamazon
Duel at Dusk by duniazade

Enchanted by kirbu
Engineered Collisions by oyster_district
Etude de Magie by landyinthecloak
Example of Widowhood by sc010f

Facets by DanaAPH
Falling by warded_portal
Fat and Sweat and Squishy Noises by Soline
Five Doxy Wings by camillo1978
Five Ways to Woo a Witch by bluestocking79
Flower Remedy by Whitehound
Flying Lesson by cecelle
For All Intents and Purposes by rhiannonofthemoon
For One Night of the Year by lulabelle72
Forever by ariadne1
Forgotten Note by ferporcel
Four Screams by duniazade
French Culture by septentrion1970
From a Frog to a Prince by cocoachristy
From Both Sides Now by bluestocking79
Full Circle by sunny33

GEElicious by mazzy2121
Get a Life by camillo1978
Ghostly Visitations by harmony_bites
Go by Your Own Tastes or A Comedy of Great Appetite by junomagic
Good as Gold by camillo1978
Green Eyed Monster by sshg316
Growing Up is Hard To Do by kramos

Hallowed Deaths by daya_slyth
Hallowe’en by camillo1978
Handle With Care by bluestocking79
Haunted by kribu
Have a Chat by ozratbag2
Heat of a Different Kind by pearle9240
Hermione’s New Pet by kirbu
Hidden Meaning by ayerf
Hidding by ubiquark
Hogwarts, a History by keladry_lupin
Holding Together by snapeophile
Holiday Break by sshg316
Home by lady_rhian
Houdini’s Tables by vanityfair00
How Hermione Got Her Groove Back by firefly124
How Hermione Granger Lost Her Hymen and Found True Love by shiv5468
Hurt by livvy6

I F**ing Do by Hissing Harpies
I, Macnair by death_ofme
Iconography by harmoneybites
Illusory by silburygirl
Immunity by themoreyouclean
In An Alternate Universe by ms_figg
In Apple Blossom Time by annietalbot
In Death by ttufs
In Dreams by savine_snape
In From the Cold by leandra713
In Pursuit of Happiness by bookofmoonrevel
In Solemn Stillness Lay by psyfic
In the Light by Duj
In Time by ladyofthemasque
In Your Memories by Snarky Roxy
Irish Vikings by camillo1978
It's Never That Simple by missile_envy

Je T'aime, Moi Non Plus by septention1970
Jelly Babies and Agreements by kribu
Jitters by lulabelle72 (WIP)

Karoke by ayerf
King of Swords by shefa (WIP)
Knife by annietalbot

Lady Ellhorn by dickglouchester (WIP)
Landing by warded_portal
Letter of Mercy One Sunny Morning by foudebassan
Letters to No One by ginny_wealey31
Literary Lives by cecelle
Little White Lies by darkheartwalsh
Living Legacy by sshg316
Love with Unconfined Wings by bluestocking79
Luck? by ferporcel
Lullabubbles by duniazade

Magical Betrothal by cocoachristy
Mea Culpa by floorcoaster
Measuring Up by kribu
Memento by bambu345
Memoria by tsukisei
Memories of War by hypnobarb1 (WIP)
Moonflower by emaz
Morning After Night Before by camillo1978
Mr. Alister Comes Home by subversa
Muggle Music by tinytexans

NABOKOV REVISITED: a full circle by Teabiscuit
Naughty Professor by a_bees_buzz
Nervous Habits by persephone_bound
Never Too Late by scatteredlogic
Nine Voices by absolute_tash
Nineteen Years Later by sleepybluocean (mauvemagique)
No Music More Enchanting by karelia
Not a Date by lulabelle72
Now You See Them by dickglouchester
Numb by firefly124

Of Informants & Admirers by angogete
On Earth as in Heaven by dunaizade
One Down by piperkirby
One Gold Ring by littlebelvoed
One of Our Elves is Missing by persevero (WIP)
One Perfect Valentine by dickglouchester
One Very Good Thing by elise_wander
One Up-manship by moreteadk
Out of the Grey by scatteredlogic

Passion for the Cause by dream_labyrinth
Patrimony by Theolyn
Persona Contrara by wolfmoonshadow
Phantom Kiss by bambu345
Phlebotonum by littlelizzyann
Picture Perfect by death_ofme
Pneumonia by keladry_lupin
Politics of an Academic Murder by mmestrange
Polyandry and Other Problems by ayerf (WIP)
Pomegranate Seeds by death_ofme
Pulling my Tail by ayerf

Rare, Dangerous and Unusual by tonksinger
Reacquainting with Beethoven by karelia
Recovery by silburygirl
Regrets by silburygirl
Requiem of a Dream by Lizard23
Resolution by sophiemom
Restrictive Covenants by shiv5468 & warded_portal
Ripped and Torn by Irena Candy
Rocks by kribu
Rude Awkening by annietalbot
Runed by danisstormborn

Sage by lady_rhian
Saving a Death Eater by bambu345
Second Life by lariopefic
Secrets of the Heart by I’m Just Drawn That Way
Seduction is… by ferporcel
Seek and ye Shall Find by bluestocking79
Self Defense by septention1970
Sending a Love Letter by ginny_weasley31
Serpensortia by julilith
Seven Deadly Sins by death_ofme
Seven Dirty Words by sc010f
Seven Habits of Highly Hateful People by hayseed_42
Severus Snape, Family Man by junewilliams7
Shelving Requirements by lulabelle72
Sky is Falling by angelmischa
Snakebite by ayerf
Snape Watch by a_bees_buzz
Some Places Speak Distinctly or, Have Snape, Will Travel by wonderfulwrites
Someday We’ll Know by mtnwmgirl
Soul Survivor by bellegeste
Speak Now by elise_wanderer
Spinner’s End by silburygirl
Spinster by ladyofthemasque
Splintered and Broken by A Plus
Sultan for a Day by lulabelle72
Summoning by Chivalric

Take this Longing by shefa
Takeover Bid by dickglouchester
Taking Shelter by lulabelle72
Temperature Rising by warded_portal
Tempo by bluestocking79
Temptations and Passions by lux_astraea
The Language he has Never Spoken by mad_queen_mab
The “Just Call Me G” Series by duniazade (WIP)
The Apprentice and the Necromancer by juno_magic
The Birthday by lady_rhian
The Blamless Vestal’s Lot by mundungus42
The Book of the Dead by junomagic
The Burdens of Being Functional by silburygirl
The Claddagh Ring by ferporcel
The Closed Doors of Consciousness by little_beloved
The Coldest Summer by kribu
The Couch by shefa
The Curse of True Love by ginny_weasley31 (WIP)
The Dark Headmaster by danistormborn
Dear John Letters by elise_wanderer
The Doppelganger Exlir by lulabelle72
The Enchanted Tower Room by beaweasley2 (WIP)
The F Word by madqueenmab
The French Connection by bluestocking79
The Gift of Memory by melantha
The Godfather by Marisol31180 translated by Muggline (WIP)
The Headmaster’s Teas by chazpure
The Improbable and the Predictable by teabuscuit
The Lady in Red or How Severus Finally Got Lucky by bluestocking79
The Language of Flowers by duniazade
The Last Spy by sylphides
The Life Debt by annietalbot
The Lion’s Claw by catherinecookmn
The Long Way Home by sshg316
The Love You Take by subversa
The Magic of Wands by qui_quae_quod
The Men I Used to Sport With by pigwidgeon37
The Miserable Bastards Club by shiv5468
The Mortician by Seinde
The Murder of Miss Granger by darkheartwalsh
The Nine Year (Seven Month, Twelve Day, Fourteen Hour, Thirty-seven Minute) by miamadwyn
The Phobia by ayerf
The Potions Mistress by a_bees_buzz (WIP)
The Potions Master's Amalthea by beaweasley2
The Price was Right by Neelix
The Properties of Silver by madqueenmab
The Quality of Mercy by christinex1001
The Room of Lost Dreams by mundungus42
The Scientific Approach by dickglouchester
The Second Time Around by cocoachristy
The Secret by kribu
The Self Writing Parchment by beaweasley2 (WIP)
The Sky is Falling by angelmischa
The Snake Prince by dainstormborn
The Snake Charmer by madamesnape78
The Things he Does by pentrue
The Twelve Days of Christmas by sshg316
The Uninvited by subversa
The Unspeakable Canteen by snarkypants
The Vibrator, The Witch and The Painting by sylvanawood
Things that go Click in the Night by laiksmarei
Thirds a Charm by duniazade
Three Blooms in the Cauldren by melusin79
Three of a Perfect Pair by catherinecookmn & clare009
Through Darkness by dickglouchester
Till Death do us Part by ayerf
Time’s Treasure by debjunk (WIP)
Timing by a_bees_buzz
To Stoper Death by duniazade
Tossing Coins by silburygirl
Touch by madelinekrieger (WIP)
Touch the Dark by dreamy_dragon73
Transported by shefa
Travel, Conspiracy and Men by karelia

Unexpected Events by igeret
Unkissed by Chivalric
Unrequitted by Leraiv Snape
Unto the Third Generation by harmony_bites
Using Your Noggin by harmony_bites

Vomica Domintor by Always SS

Wake by dickglouchester
Walking in Darkness by shadow_ks
Wasting Away by death_ofme
Ways to Charm by harmony_bites
What Goes Around by melusin_79
What I Want My Words to Do to You by Ladymage Samiko
What it is by selinabln
What to Expect When Your Husband is Expecting by bluestocking79
Whats in a Name? by a_bees_buzz
Where Nobody Knew His Name by sc010f
Where the Breezes Know my Name by Dutchy
Where Your Treasure Is by zeegrindylows
While You Were Sleeping by darnedchild
Who Mourns for Black? by dickglouchester
Wicked Games by duniazade
Witch’s Sabbatical by leni_jess
Wonder Witch Potion 69 by beaweasley2

Yuletide Potions by Order of the Phoenix

Zeno’s Paradise by the_slacker
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