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This is the home of the SS/HG Awards. Our fourth round will begin at midnight (CST), October 1, 2009.

This community may contain links to off-site material that is of a mature nature. Any such links will be clearly marked. If you are not of age to read mature material, please refrain from doing so. Thank you.


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Rules, Regulations, Categories & Other Important Stuff

General Rules:

- This is a Severus/Hermione awards community. All nominated stories must contain Severus/Hermione as the main relationship.

- Please read the FAQ before asking a question; your question may already be answered!

- If nominations/votes are not completed in the required format, they will not be considered. Templates are provided -- please use them.

Dates for Round Four:

Nominations: October 1 – October 25
Voting: November 5 – December 5
Winners Announced - December 7

Rules for Nomination:

- Nominations for Round Four will begin October 1, 2009 at midnight (CST). There are two ways to nominate: the official nomination post via screened comment and through email to moste.potente.passions@gmail.com.

- New to Round Four: Nominations of stories written by a known plagiarist will not be accepted. Because we can no longer be assured that the material is completely original, none of his/her stories will be eligible. The mods will depend upon records/information by administrators of archives, as well as other reputable sources, in order to verify that an author has indeed plagiarized in the past. We will notify anyone affected in the event that this rule is enacted (i.e. a story has received enough nominations to be a finalist), to allow the person in question the opportunity to appeal our decision.

- For each category, the five stories/authors per category with the most nominations will be the official finalists.

- Each story may be nominated for up to two categories per round. If a story is a final nominee for more than two categories, it will run in the two categories for which it received the most nominations.

- An author may have ONE story nominated per category. If more than one story by the same author is a finalist, the story with the most nominations will run.

- A story/author must be nominated twice (in a specific category) in order to qualify.

- Please be sure to make the nomination for the right category! Nominations will be checked against their categories, and any stories found out of place will not be considered for voting in that category.

- During nominations, you may nominate an unlimited number of stories per category.

- Authors which won Best Author/Best New Author cannot be nominated in those specific categories in future rounds. A Best New Author winner can be nominated, however, for Best Author (in one round only).

- A category must have at least 3 qualifying final nominees or that category will not run for the round.

- You may not nominate yourself.

When making your nomination, please cut and paste this format into your post or email:

Category or Categories:
Story Link:
Author’s Email or LJ user name:

Rules for Voting:

Voting begins November 5, 2009 at midnight (CST)

- If a category has 3 qualifying final nominees, it will run for voting. In each category, the five stories/authors with the most nominations will be the official finalists per category.

- You may vote in one of two ways: via screened comment on the official community voting page, or via email. NO anonymous votes will be accepted. Please use the following form to vote:

- You may vote only once per category. Please do not attempt to vote more than once. If we find out you are doing this, your votes will be disqualified and you will be banned from the community. We WILL be checking ISPs, etc.


Frequently Asked Questions:

Q Who started this site?
A Most Potente Passions was the brainchild of sshg316. It just seemed like it was about time that SS/HG had our own awards. Your friendly MPP mods are sshg316, mollyssister, losille2000, and deemichelle.

Q What is the minimum number of nominations per category?
A Three. See the rules.

Q Can an author have more than one story nominated in the same category?
A No, they cannot. However, they may have more than one story nominated per round, as long as each story is nominated in different categories.

Q Nominations have ended, but I forgot to get my nominations in. Can I e-mail them to you?
A No. Once nominations have closed, that's it. All late nominations will be ignored.

Q Oops, I've nominated a story in the wrong category! How do I fix this?
A You can make a second comment (in reply to the original), with the correct category. Or you can e-mail us with the correct category.

Q Oops. I've posted an incorrect link to the nominated story. What do I do?
A Reply to your comment with the correct link, or e-mail it to us.

Q Which awards do you recognize?
A Awards are given for first place and runner-up. All nominees will receive an MPP Nominee graphic.

Q How long will the awards graphics be up?
A The awards graphics will be posted after the winners are announced, and they will be up on the site and the community for a week before they are taken down. This is to prevent theft while allowing a long enough window of time for the winners to pick up their awards.

If you have a question that was not covered in the FAQ, or you would like further clarification of a rule, either reply to this post with your query, or e-mail us at moste.potente.passions@gmail.com


How To Nominate A Story:

1. Read the rules.

2. Use this format to list your nominations and remember to put NOMINATIONS as the title your comment or email:

Category or Categories:
Story Link:
Author’s Email:

How To Vote:

1. Read the rules.
2. Go to THE VOTING PAGE (coming soon) to vote for your favorite stories.


Phase One: Nominations

1. A post is created for people to nominate their favorite stories in the appropriate categories.

2. People with LJ accounts cast votes in the community. Those without LJ accounts may email their nominations using the nomination form (email: moste.potente.passions@gmail.com)

3. Categories with fewer than three stories nominated will be taken out of the round. For each category, the five stories/authors with the most nominations will be finalists.

5. A post will be created on LJ listing the stories for the final vote. Links to each story will be provided. A list of the categories not running will also be provided

6. Voting begins.

Phase Two: Voting

1. A post is created on LJ for people to vote for their favorite stories in their respective categories. Those without LJ may email their votes to moste.potente.passions@gmail.com using the appropriate form.

2. After voting has concluded, winners will be announced on the community.

3. The awards will be posted on the community for the winners to pick up.


Categories for Round Four:

* This round is focusing on Fixing Deathly Hallows. Eligible stories had begun posting AFTER/ON July 21, 2008 and BEFORE July 21, 2009.

* WIPs are allowed in the following categories: Best WIP, Best Drabble Series, Best Epic, and all “Genre” and “Other” categories. Stories must be complete in all other length categories.


Length Categories:

Shrinking Solution: Best Drabble (100 words)
Hiccupping Solution: Best Drabble Series (series of 100 word drabbles which comprise a story)*
Invigoration Draught: Best Short (under 10,000 words)
Strengthening Solution: Best Mid-Length (10,001 to 40,000 words)
Calming Draught: Best Novel Length (40,001 to 100,000 words)
Everlasting Elixirs: Saga/Epic (100,001+ words or a novel length plus prequels or sequels to add up to over 100,000 words)*

*The only length categories which can be a WIP.

Genre Categories:

Amortentia: Best Romance
Felix Felicis: Best Smut/PWP
Agitation Elixir: Best Angst
Scintillating Solution: Best Drama
Hair-Raising Potion: Best Action Adventure
Polyjuice Potion: Best A/U
Euphoria Elixir: Best Humor
Instant Darkness Powder: Best Dark Fic
Draught of Peace: Best Fluff


Still Simmering: Best WIP (begun on/after July 21, 2008, but before July 21, 2009, and has been updated within the last year.)

Finite Incantatem: Best Newly Completed Fic (This category has its own rules. Stories nominated for this category began posting at any time prior to July 21, 2008 but were completed between July 21, 2008 and July 21, 2009.)

Top Brewer: Best Author

Potions Apprentice: Best New Author (first SS/HG story must have posted after/on July 21, 2008 and before July 21, 2009)

Mrs. Scower's Magical Mess Remover: Favourite DH-Compliant Fic (This category has its own rules. Stories nominated for this category must be DH-compliant. Can be EWE or not. Stories nominated for this category only can have begun any time after the release of Deathly Hallows until the present time. This category does not apply to the "two category per story" rule. In other words, a story can be nominated in two of the above categories and in this category, as well.)

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